Modern Real estate transaction

We love technology at Linton Real Estate! When you work with us we will guide you through a modern real estate transaction. We will save our buyer’s and seller’s time and utilize new tools and digital technology.

Listing properties will get the red-carpet treatment! Video, drone photography,3D tours, and virtual reality will have your home ready for market and looking like the prettiest gal on the block. After all, real estate is a bit like online dating. We will have buyers swiping RIGHT on your property!

Signatures we will do what is best for you! We love facetime, but we also know that life is busy and gas prices are going up. To save on gas and for your absolute convenience we will have you sign with electronic signatures or E-signatures. This makes it easy for you to sign with the tip of your fingers through your phone, tablet or desktop. You will be able to review, sign and copies of your transaction will be emailed to you once finished.

Earnest Money, also known as good faith money,is money that buyers deposit to be held in an escrow account once the seller accepts their offer. It is held until closing at the title company. Lori Anderson with Lawyer’s Title in Flagstaff said that they offer remote deposit. They send you a secure link to their app and make the deposit with using your phone’s camera. You take a photo of the front and back and it’s deposited with the title company. Easy Breezy. This is a great option to deposit your earnest money. It’s a safe, digital transfer, just like depositing a check through a banking app.

Inspections, sometimes the buyer cannot make it to the wrap-up for the home inspection. Greg Bruce who owns and operates direct Home Inspections, LLC offers our buyers a great feature to his home inspection report, enhanced photos. Remote photos allow the buyer to click on the images and enlarge them to high quality. This goes a long way to help illustrate information about the home. Inspections ensure the property is in acceptable condition to the buyer and lets the buyer know if there is anything that may not be up to code, along with health and safety issues. Inspectors also highlight any repairs that need to be made.

Title Search, in our lovely State of Arizona, Title Officers perform a title search. They comb through Public records at the County Recorder’s office, Clerk of the Court, Title Plant and do what is called a General Index Search (GI Search) for the parties and property involved. CindieMcMahon, the Chief Title Officer at Empire Title Agency, explains that each title company has their own “Title Plant” database which is always being updated via the Title Officers and Examiners. They search for liens, judgments, taxes, special assessments, easements, CCRs, and previous owner’s records to include vesting information and life estate information as needed. The title search process protects the largest investment that a person makes in their lifetime.

Appraisal, having a real estate appraisal also protects the investment! It confirms the loan does not exceed the value of the property. It’s smart to have an appraisal even if the buyer is paying cash. The appraiser is a neutral third party who evaluates the home’s value. It helps determine whether the home is at least equal to the value of the agreed-upon price. Lenders need an accurate appraisal of a property because it is providing a mortgage loan and wants to make sure they are not giving too much money to the buyer.


Virtual Notary, by notarizing documents digitally, buyer and sellers can save time and even be out of the Country while purchasing a home. It’s a secure process, and all that is needed is internet access and a webcam, then both clients and notary are online together doing a virtual signing. It reminds me of taking a COVID test online to be able to fly home to the United States.

Close of Escrow, this is the final step in the transaction process. Once a transaction is clear to close, the buyer does their final walk-through to make sure the home is in the same condition as when their offer was accepted. The buyer’s funds transfer to the title company prior to close, and the title company releases those funds to the sellers. The title company records the deed with the County Recorder’s office, then the buyer receives the keys to their new home.