It’s A Professional’s Market

Let’s face it. Your cousin who just got their real estate license is not going to have success helping you in this market. Whether you’re a buyer or seller experience matters more than ever! This is a professional’s market, and an experienced agent will help you sell your house with favorable terms and price it correctly with a price improvement plan to get buyers in the door. We will help you set realistic expectations in this shifting market.
If you’re a buyer, we have felt your pain over the last 2 years with you! It has been such a tough time to be a buyer with financing and trying use an FHA or VA loan. Now is your time.
Right now, the real estate market is complex. Our agents at Linton Real Estate are seasoned professionals and offer expert advice and negotiating skills. Another bonus to working with us is that we know a lot of people in this town and have been in business just shy of 30 years. Relationships matter more than ever, and it’s those relationships that help us get our buyers into homes.

It is a professional’s market and the value to working with our experienced agents will mean the difference of buyer’s getting into a property or not. Right now, interest rates are playing a huge role in buying power. With the shift in the market, we can negotiate seller concession that can buy down those interest rates! Did you read that?! CONCESSIONS are coming back. Work with one of our professionals and we will take the best care of you.